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A great need has come to my attention and that is to help in distributing bibles to those who do not have the luxury of owning their own copy of the Word of God. We here in the West or anywhere with plenty, can do our part by contributing from our abundance to fill up what is lacking in the Body of Christ.

Recently I have had the pleasure of coming into with contact with
Rev Godstime in Nigeria. Through certain events we have become linked up and the need for bibles in Nigeria has gripped my attention. It is easy for most of us to take it for granted that a bible is readily on hand. We may not realise the situation in such a country like Nigeria, for those who cannot freely obtain what is essential Christian food - the Word of God.

The Gospel is being preached in Nigeria and Way of Life is a site that is dedicated to the Good News of Jesus being preached to those that are hungry for the truth and want an answer in a world that is spinning erratically out of control.

Please read the following excerpt from a Spread the Word Ministries crusade report from Pastor Godstime who is overseeing this mighty work.

It’s our desire to continue to use every possible means to preach the Gospel that God loves the sinner and to provide Bibles for the needy.
Our crusade was great, we literally had thousands respond to the message of the Gospel and thousands of souls gave their life to God.
The crusade hall was over crowded and even the outside of the building was filled up with people. During the invitation, hundreds of people rushed out to give their life to God. To God be they Glory.
I want to thank you for your prayer support towards our crusade and the ministries.
Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Philippians 1:6.
Please pray for our mission work, so that the word of God can be faithfully proclaimed to the lost and dying world.
God Bless You.
Pastor Godstime

Shipping Method There are ways to send material to Nigeria,
(1) M-bags
(2) USPS
(3) Air Mail Parcel
(4) Container
Two or three address labels are required for all shipments. Place one or two label on mail-bag, a third label is required for the mailbag tag. If shipping a container, Place one label on the top of the materials before you seal the container. Affix a second label to the outside of the container. Labels

Ship To:
Spread The Word Ministries Inc.
P. O. Box 3
Benin City
Edo State
E-mail: Bible@spreadthewordministries.org
Website page for information on how to give bibles to the ministry.
Otherwise you can easily donate bibles directly at $3 per bible any number you nominate to give go to this link:-
Spread the Word Ministries

Please understand that you will be contributing to a legitimate ministry in Nigeria and that the need is real.
You may like to contact the Co-ordinator for STWM in the USA,
Robert Cassidy - Phone : 704-788-4076
Robert has personally had first hand experience with the Ministry in Nigeria and has met Pastor Godstime and knows his heart for the people of Nigeria, witnessing the great need and the wonderful ministry that Pastor Godstime is active in for the Gospel there.
Do your part as you feel led with a free and generous spirit not under any compulsion, but with a genuine genorous heart of giving.
Please go to this link for more information on how you can help.
Support Spread the Word Ministries

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